Cape Liberty Cruise Port Transportation Guide

If you plan a sea cruise out of Bayonne, NJ, you must prepare and book a car service to Cape Liberty cruise port. Indeed, the skyline of New York viewed from the cruise you take from the port is breathtaking. But if you want to make the best of the view, you must make it to the port on time, board the cruise ship and stand on the deck to take in the view. To ensure all of these, you need to plan the trip carefully. The first step of the process is to book the cruise and then book the mode of transport. Here is all you need to know about the transportation guide to Cape Liberty Cruise Port.

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What Cruise Lines Sail Out of Port Liberty?

Several cruise liners set sail for the Trans-Atlantic ports, beginning their journey from Cape Liberty. If you book a car service to Cape Liberty cruise port during rush hour from Newark Airport, it takes about forty minutes to reach the port. After that, it will take thirty minutes to board a cruise ship.

If you are planning to board any of these cruises, you must take a car service beforehand to board the cruise ship. This will ensure you make it to the boat on time and are okay with boarding it in the nick of time! The boarding time for all these ships is specific.

Anyone who has taken a Silversea or a Royal Caribbean Cruise will tell you that boarding can take thirty minutes to a few hours. Hence you will need a shuttle service to the Cape Liberty cruise to ensure you reach on time and can board the ship without any hitches. Your objective should be to go to Cape Liberty on time with quite some time to spare so that the boarding process is completed comfortably.

What should you do after the Cruise Lines Dock in Cape Liberty Cruise Port?

The Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, and the Silversea. Once at this dock, it would help you seek transportation from Cape Liberty Cruise Port. Here is all you need to know about traveling from the Cape Liberty Cruise Port to the nearest airports.

Royal Caribbean International

If you want to board this cruise ship, you must plan this trip with time. You will need to take the journey from Miami to Cape Liberty. The trip ends in New Jersey. This is the best trip if you want to spend a long trip with your family enjoying several ports on your way to Cape Liberty. However, the catch will be when you reach Cape Liberty. Royal Caribbean does not offer any airport transfer from Cape Liberty. So instead of looking for a regular shuttle service to the Cape Liberty cruise, you must book a cab to and from the airport beforehand. This will make the journey more relaxed, and you can make it easier for you and your family.

Celebrity Cruises

If you want to watch the New York skyline from a cruise ship, you can book a trip on one of the ships of the celebrity cruises. You will also need to plan well ahead to enjoy the journey. Usually, these cruises end on the Cape Liberty, and you can watch the New York skyline as the cruise ship docks. However, you must plan your trip from Cape Liberty to Newark to catch your flight home. So even after enjoying the trip, you must book a car service to Cape Liberty cruise port.


This is also one of the other cruise ships that sail into Port Liberty. The Silversea is an ultra-luxury cruise experience that allows you to enjoy intimate time with your friends and family. When you are on the cruise, you will not only enjoy the fascinating destinations on the Atlantic, but you will dock on Cape Liberty. When you return to land, you will see the fantastic skyline of New York, which will be a vision to behold.

Here it becomes essential to understand that while several cruise liners sail into Cape Liberty, you will need to book to travel to the airport the moment you disembark from the liner. The common factor for all three cruise liners is that you need to be provided with a service that takes you to the nearest airport. Irrespective of whether you are boarding a flight from Newark, JFK, or LaGuardia, you must make arrangements for a car service Bayonne, NJ. This will ensure that you reach the airport on time from Cape Liberty.

Where do you fly into Cape Liberty Cruise Port?

If you want to fly into Cape Liberty Cruise Port, you can choose from any of Newark, JFK, and La Guardia airports. The Newark airport is the closest, only 10 miles from the port. Even if you plan on cutting it close, you will find it easy to catch the cruise liner if you land in Newark. You will also find that booking a car service to Cape Liberty cruise port from Newark is more accessible, given its vicinity to the port.

If you have booked a flight ticket to JFK or LaGuardia, you only need to book your transportation beforehand. This is essential because both airports are nearly 35 miles from the port. Hence, if you want to make it to the port on time and avoid any tension, you need to plan the trip with the transportation waiting for you at the airport. However, anyone who has taken a cruise ship out of the Cape Liberty Cruise Port will tell you that any of these airports is good enough to fly in if you plan to catch a boat.

Why should you catch a cruise ship from Cape Liberty, New Jersey?

Everyone knows that Cape Liberty is in New Jersey; hence, selecting the best car service Bayonne, NJ, that will take you to the cruise port so you can catch the ship on time is essential. Why do you need to see a cruise ship from Cape Liberty? The first reason is that you have several options. Numerous cruise ships start from the Cape Liberty Cruise Port, and Bayonne is an excellent location away from the hustle and bustle of the town. So, if you plan to do local sightseeing before boarding the cruise ship, Bayonne is the best option. While in Bayonne, you can visit New York City, check out Lady Liberty and Ellis Island, and take a trip to Radio City Music Hall.

How to get to Cape Liberty Port (from Newark Airport to Cape Liberty Cruise Port)?

If you booked a cruise ship from Cape Liberty, you could check if the company has arranged airport pick-up and drop service. For example, some of the vessels of the Royal Caribbean offer airport pick-up facilities provided you are starting the journey from Newark. Otherwise, you can separate arrangements to travel from Newark to the Cape Liberty Cruise Port. For example, you book an online regular shuttle service to the Cape Liberty cruise. This will reduce your tension, and you do not have to worry about your luggage. All you need to do is collect it from the airport and ensure it is transported to the designated vehicle.

If you are traveling with your family, a shuttle service is essential to make traveling to the Cape Liberty Cruise Port easier. All members of your tour group can board the exact vehicle and travel to the port. Moreover, if you want to see some city sights, you can make suitable arrangements with the shuttle service, and they can make stops. This becomes essential when you are traveling with children. You will have to give stops while traveling to the port so that they can eat and change if necessary and get ready to board the ship when they reach the port. Thus, a car service to Cape Liberty cruise port service is essential when traveling from Newark Airport to Cape Liberty Cruise Port to make the journey smooth.

Why are the Cruise Liners from Cape Liberty Cruise Port Different?

Anyone who loves to go on a cruise will tell you it is better to take a cruise from the Cape Liberty Cruise Port. There are several reasons for this and one of the most underrated ones is that it is easier to book car service to Cape Liberty cruise port from the airports. This is applicable whether you are traveling from Newark or JFK. Moreover, booking a car to the port can be done in minutes if you live in New Jersey or New York. There are several other reasons for choosing to travel on cruise liners from Cape Liberty, and some of these are as follows:

  • Several ships sail from the port: Several cruise liners operate from the Cape Liberty Cruise Port. You can choose any boat and a suitable itinerary. For example, select a convenient ship from the Royal Caribbean Cruises. It will allow you to explore the Bahamas and other ports along the shoreline of the USA. This means you will not just get to enjoy the fun activities on the cruise ships but also the ports where the ships dock. This is a unique feature of the ships sailing from the Cape Liberty Cruise Port.
  • Enjoy fun rides: Several cruise ships sail out of the Cape Liberty Port, allowing you to enjoy amazing even while on a cruise. For example, if you plan to take your family on a cruise on the Anthem of the Seas, they can enjoy amazing rides such as bumper cars, a rock-climbing wall, a Ripcord flying simulator, and many more such thrilling rides. Such a unique experience is available only when you book a cruise on a ship sailing out of the Cape Liberty Cruise Port. Similarly, if you want your family to enjoy an adventurous trip with water rides such as cannons, waterfalls, and drench buckets, you must also book a trip on the Adventure of the Seas.
  • Cruise ships for all age groups: Unlike other cruise ships that sail from other ports, those from Cape Liberty Port have something for all age groups. For instance, if you want to relax with your partner, you can book romantic evenings in the ultra-luxury Silversea cruise liners. Similarly, if you wish to have wholesome fun with your spouse, you can book a cruise liner such as Celebrity Summit. Here you can enjoy ballet performances by the American Ballet Theatre, available on certain cruises. According to people who have traveled on the Oasis of the Sea, it is one of the few cruise ships with something for adults and children. You can participate in cupcake-making classes with your children on this cruise. You can even enjoy a night in the casino with your partner while your children enjoy the carousel. Thus, there is something for everyone on the ship.

When you book a trip on a ship sailing from the Cape Liberty Cruise Port, you can be assured that it will be one of the most memorable trips for you and your family. One of the reasons for this is that the cruises are designed for everyone. All you need to do is select a suitable cruise liner based on the choice of your family members. You must also remember to arrange a car service in Bayonne, NJ, to make traveling to the port easier and ensure you board the ship on time.

A cruise can be one of the best experiences for you and your family. How to make the experience perfect, you need to book a car beforehand. You can book an online car service to Cape Liberty from American Car Service. If you need airport pick-up and drop service, all you need to do is call us, and we will provide you with prompt car service to and from Cape Liberty Cruise Port. So, contact us and enjoy the best and safest cruise transportation service.

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