How to get to Atlantic City from the airport?

Atlantic City is a popular tourist destination on the Atlantic coast of New Jersey noted for its wide variety of casinos, beautiful beaches, and world-famous Boardwalk. The city was founded in the 1800s as a health resort, but it has since transformed into a hub for luxurious high-rise hotels and pulsating nightlife. In addition to slots and table games, casinos also have spa services, celebrity comedy and musical performances, and upscale shopping.

With such a vast array of entertainment choices, it comes as no surprise that Atlantic City experiences a lot of traffic from people across the globe. If you, too, are planning a trip to Atlantic City and wondering how to get to the central city from the airport, located 16 kms away, keep on reading. This article will discover the many ways you can travel through the city and which are the best.

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The Best Ways to Get to Atlantic City

There are a number of ways that can be opted for to get to Atlantic City. If you are looking to get to the city from the airport, you can choose a car service, an atlantic city limo service, a bus, private transportation, or even an atlantic city shuttle service. Any of these options can be chosen based on availability and your comfort and budget.

There are numerous ways to get to Atlantic City and get around the city. It is entirely your choice which mode of transport you would like to choose. If you wish to spend less on transport, options like a public bus, uber, and Lyft are always at your disposal.

However, the majority of patrons traveling to Atlantic City, especially those traveling for the first time, are known to opt for luxury. A one-off experience of complete luxury throughout the stay is becoming increasingly popular. This has led a lot of people to choose to explore and get around Atlantic city with a reputed atlantic city limo service.

A limo service sounds like an expensive affair, right? But it doesn’t have to be. With the growing popularity and high demand for affordable luxury services, you can find cheap limo service to Atlantic City with certain trusted agencies. You can search for these agencies online, contact them and get a price quote to assess if they suit your needs.

How to get to Atlantic City from …

Which option you choose to travel to Atlantic City also varies based on where you are traveling from, i.e., your departure location. Atlantic City is within driving distance from a lot of cities, so it is not always necessary to take a flight to get there. If you are traveling from any of the following destinations, you can even choose to drive or take public transport options like the subway or buses to reach Atlantic City:

Atlantic City International Airport (ACY)

Flights to Atlantic City offer passengers a bird’s eye perspective of the stunning cityscape in addition to a panorama of the Jersey Shore’s shoreline. It only requires a few minutes to depart the plane, get your baggage, and make your way to the street because the airport terminal is simple to traverse.

When getting from the Atlantic City International Airport to Atlantic City, there are a number of options that you can choose from to reach your destination. If you are looking for public transport options, you can find the atlantic city shuttle service or even a bus to reach your destination.

Alternatively, you can also opt for private transport options like an atlantic city limo service, uber, lyft, or a town car which can be procured from a car service to atlantic city airport, or by renting a private vehicle from a dealer nearby. You can find multiple dealers at the airport itself or in close proximity to the airport.

Depending upon which mode of transport you choose, public or private, the duration to reach your destination can vary significantly. If you are taking public transport options like a bus, you can expect the journey from the Atlantic City Airport to the main city to take roughly 50 minutes. On the contrary, if you opt for the private transport option, the journey would take merely 20 minutes.


Philadelphia, PA, is located quite close to Atlantic City. It is within driving distance and makes for a great weekend getaway option. Reaching from Philadelphia to Atlantic City can take anywhere between 1-2.5 hours, depending upon your mode of transportation.

The quickest way to reach Atlantic City from Philadelphia is by driving. Taking an inter-state cab, a private car, a rented car, or even opting for a cheap limo service to Atlantic city, you can reach your destination in roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes. However, this option is the most expensive of all other methods.

The cheapest option to reach Atlantic City from Philadelphia is via public transport, more specifically, the bus. A bus can take you from Philadelphia to Atlantic City in a mere 1 hour and 33 minutes. However, a bus would only pick you up and drop you at a specific bus stop location. To reach the bus stop and from the bus stop to your hotel, you would have to hire a cab.

The third option to go from Philadelphia to Atlantic City is to take the subway or the train. This option takes the longest time and costs higher than a bus but less than a private cab. Additionally, much like the bus option, you would also have to arrange transport to reach the subway and from your drop location to your hotel in Atlantic City. A subway or rail will take about 2.5 hours to reach.

The last option that you can opt for to go from Philadelphia to Atlantic City is a flight. However, this option is not advisable as it is both longer in terms of duration, as well as much more expensive. Flying from Philadelphia to Atlantic City only calls for more inconveniences.

You would need to go to the airport and reach at least one hour before the flight, go through security, fly to Atlantic city, maybe even wait for your baggage, and then go to your hotel. This entire exercise would take at least 3-4 hours. Since there are quicker and cheaper options, this makes no sense to choose.

New Jersey

Atlantic City comes within the state of New Jersey. While you may think that you can very quickly reach Atlantic City from New Jersey City since they are in the same state, it is not entirely true. Compared to Philadelphia, it would take longer to reach Atlantic City from New Jersey.

You can reach Atlantic City from New Jersey via private transport options as well as public transport options. Whether you choose a bus, a train, or a car, will determine how long it takes to reach Atlantic City and how much it costs.

The most straightforward way to reach New Jersey to Atlantic City is by driving. You can choose to drive your car or rent a car. If you choose to rent a car, make sure you get insurance. Alternatively, you can opt for a limo service (if they offer an inter-city pickup and drop option). If you drive between the two cities, you can reach them in roughly 2 hours, making it the quickest option.

If you choose a bus, it certainly is the cheapest option. However, it is not the quickest. In fact, you must be very careful while booking a bus seat to go from New Jersey to Atlantic City. This is because there are several bus routes, and they all take different amounts of time to cover the distance.

Buses can take anywhere between 2 hours and 20 mins to 5 hours to reach from New Jersey to Atlantic City. Make sure you check bus schedules before booking. One major plus is that buses leave multiple times a day, so if you miss one, you can always catch the next.

If you choose to ride the train, it will take roughly 3.5 hours to go from New Jersey to Atlantic City. This option is not the most preferred since it takes a pretty long, and it is also not the cheapest option available. However, if you enjoy a train ride, this is the option to go for. Train tickets are not too expensive, and various transport options are available to take you from the station to your hotel.

New York City

NYC or New York City is not too far away from New Jersey. As such, you can pretty much opt for the same travel options from New York to travel to Atlantic City. In terms of either public or private transport options, you can avail of all the options quickly.

If you choose to take a train from New York to Atlantic City, make a note of the route it will take. The train would go to Atlantic City via Philadelphia, hence taking 3 hours and 45 minutes to reach Atlantic City.

Better alternatives are a car or cab, or if you want to take public transport- the bus. The majority of people going from New York City to Atlantic City choose a car (town car, for example) as it affords maximum comfort. It is a hassle-free option as it picks you up from your exact location and drops you at your exact location.

Car service from NYC to Atlantic City

There are multiple car services available to drive passengers from New York City to Atlantic City. Driving to Atlantic City from New York City takes roughly 2 hours and 15 minutes. However, make sure to avoid the nasty rush hours that New York is so notoriously known for.

To find any of these services, you can look up online what options you have available. There are several companies that offer this service, so you can easily compare prices, services, reviews, etc. This should help build more confidence in your investment.

Car service to Atlantic city hotels

If you choose to go by public transport, you might want to find a car service to Atlantic City hotels once you reach your designated bus stop or the train station. It is better to look for options online before you travel so that when you reach, your vehicle is available for you.

This would prevent you from being deserted, trying to get a service to send a car. Avoid this, especially if you are going in a busy season, as all cars would probably be booked.

Car service to Atlantic City casinos

Going to the casinos is the highlight of an Atlantic city trip. You cannot go to that city and not visit the casinos. If you are planning to go to the casinos, you can opt for a car service that would take you to the casinos. You no longer need to fret about finding a parking spot or worrying about your car if you avail of this service.

A designated driver would take you to the casinos as you wish, and all you need to do is enjoy and have fun. However, if you wish for the car to be around for when you wish to leave, you would have to hire accordingly. Alternatively, you can also book a pick-and-drop service only.

There are a number of options available online to choose from, which makes the task of getting the best deal much easier. You no longer need to worry about negotiating prices or finding a better deal with another vendor. Online bookings allow you to check all the services out there and choose your favorite one quickly and without fear of judgment. So what are you waiting for? Book your limo today!

Book a Quick and Convenient Ride to the Atlantic City airport

If you plan a trip to Atlantic City to indulge in some fun activities, make sure you take advantage of all the luxuries this place offers. While you can get a car service to Atlantic city airport, use this opportunity to throw caution to the wind. Pamper yourself completely and book an Atlantic city limo service online now.

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