Newark Airport Travel Tips

If you are traveling from Newark airport, you need Newark airport car services to ensure that you reach the airport on time. Consider a scenario where you travel into Newark airport, and from there. You will catch a cruise liner from The Cape Liberty Cruise Port. If you have timed your arrival so that you do not have to spend a day in New Jersey, you need a dedicated car service to take you to the cruise port. Moreover, you must ensure that the service is such that you reach the port on time. Thus, a dedicated airport pick-up and drop service can simplify the whole process, especially for a busy airport like Newark. It would help to remember some factors while traveling to and from Newark.

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How early do you need to be at Newark Airport for a flight?

It is always good to arrive early at Newark Airport to complete the security check without worrying about making it to the flight on time. You should first book a dedicated car service to pick you up from home and ensure you reach the airport on time. Some of the other factors that you need to remember when it comes to arrival time at Newark Airport are as follows:

  • The airport can be pretty crowded, even if it is not the holiday season. Thus, reaching the airport at least two hours before the flight boarding time is a good idea to ensure you complete the security check in some time. However, this is applicable if you are traveling within the country.
  • Unlike domestic travel, international travel takes longer as you must pass a security check and immigration. Hence, it is best that you arrive at least three hours before the boarding time of your flight so that you do not feel rushed during the checks.
  • Another thing you must remember when traveling from Newark Airport is that certain airlines can have specific requirements for check-in. For instance, if you are traveling by first class, your lounge might be at a separate part of the airport, and the flight might depart from a different terminal. You must take the Air Train or terminal shuttle bus if you need help walking the distance. You need to factor in this time, too, in your flight boarding time.

Thus, when traveling from Newark, Airport, it is best to arrive on time to travel comfortably. You do not want to be stressed or worried while traveling for work or a family vacation. You can book a black car service at Newark Airport if you wish to travel in style. If you are taking your family on vacation, you can book an SUV to ensure you reach the airport on time and complete the check-in process without any hassles.

Newark airport security wait times

You will find that there are several ways that you can reduce wait time in the security lines at Newark Airport. According to a recent article in the Washington Post, it takes nearly 23 minutes to complete a security check at the Newark airport. One of the easiest ways to reduce the wait time would be to arrive early at the airport and complete the security check as soon as it is announced.

 Registering for the Newark Airport TSA pre-checks is also a good idea. This will ensure you have an advance arrangement to speed up the security check-in. Your name will be ahead of the list, and ensure that your security check-in is completed without a hitch.

You can reduce your airport security wait time by ensuring you do not carry any items that can increase your wait time at the security points. For instance, you must refrain from bringing any liquids, toiletries, or electronic items that can increase your wait period. If you carry any liquids, you must dispose of them before standing in the queue; otherwise, it will increase your wait period. You will have to answer unnecessary questions and finally dispose of the liquids.

Regarding electronic items, it is essential to check the website regarding the things you can carry on the flight with you and the ones you need to send with the luggage. For example, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones are acceptable electronic items that will not cause any issues in the security check. However, suppose you carry any specialized electronic items, and you must have these with you on board. In that case, you must acquire the necessary permission before you stand in the queue for a security check.

While waiting in the security line, you must keep all your papers ready to speed up the process. Keep your identity card, ticket, and other items that you require for security checks in your hand. You want to avoid hunting for your documents while in the security check and holding up the line! Thus, it is best to come prepared for a security check so that you can complete it as quickly as possible and board the flight without any hassles.

Things to do on a layover at Newark Airport

If you have hired Newark airport car services and find that you have reached the airport well before time, there are several things that you can do in the airport to keep yourself occupied. You can grab a coffee or read a magazine before the security check is announced. However, if you have a layover of several hours in Newark, you might wonder how you can spend the time on hand. At Newark, Airport, there is no dearth of things that you can do to pass the time, and some of these are as follows:

  • Check out the local restaurants and food stores: It is natural to feel hungry and tired during a layover, and if you do not want to eat any more of those airport sandwiches, you can check out the several restaurants in the Newark airport. For instance, if you want to enjoy seafood, check out Malone’s Fish Market, where you can enjoy deep-fried seafood. If you are in the mood for sushi, sashimi, and Nigiri, visit the Tsukiji Fishroom. Otherwise, you can also enjoy local steaks, pizzas, and pasta at Abruzzo Italian Steakhouse. The star attractions of the eateries in the Newark airport are the Riviera and Saison, where you can enjoy French cuisine. At Saison, you can enjoy the signature dishes of celebrity chef Alain Ducasse. If you are in the mood for chocolates and sweets, check out the Melange Petit Patisserie for its wide range of desserts.
  • Relax in the lounge: Newark Airport has several lounge facilities, which you can book for $40 and above. If your layover is for several hours, you must relax and catch up on much-needed rest. Some of the lounges serve drinks; you can book one such facility beforehand. If you book a day lounge, you can opt for a chance to shower, eat, and relax. Another thing you will find in a lounge is that these have comfortable chairs to catch up on your sleep. The main airport can be busy, and getting a comfortable, relaxing chair is difficult. Hence, if you plan and book a lounge, you can relax and sleep in the lounge chairs.
  • Try out the airport spas: If you travel internationally and your layover for a connecting flight will take more than eight hours, you might find it difficult to spend all this time in the lounge. Many passengers feel that one of the best ways to utilize the time on hand would be to check out the spas in Terminal C. A foot massage can do wonders if you have been sitting cramped on the flight. If you did not get time to get a pedicure or a manicure before you left for the vacation, then utilize the layover time to get these done. The spas in Terminal C have some of the best pedicure and manicure services which are bound to relax you.
  • Catch up on your sleep: If you are a frequent flier, you will know that catching up on lost sleep during layovers is essential. Being bright-eyed and feeling fresh before your meeting is critical when traveling for business. One of the best ways to do it would be to sleep in the airport. Sometimes international flights that leave from Newark have layovers of nearly eleven to fourteen hours. If you have booked such a flight, you should also book a hotel room around the airport. You should also book a black car service at Newark Airport to take you to the airport from the hotel. This will ensure you get up and reach the airport on time.
  • Indulge in retail therapy: If your layover in the Newark airport is for a few hours and you do not have time to leave or catch up on your sleep, it is a good idea to shop while traveling. If you travel during the holiday season, the Newark Airport can help you with your last-minute shopping. If you want to purchase souvenirs for your family, you will also find several shops like All You Know and Hudson News in the airport selling gifts and souvenirs. If you want to check out boutique stores, you have Tumi, Coach, and Johnston & Murphy in the airport bags, apparel, and shoes. The airport also has several duty-free shops to purchase your favorite wine, whiskey, or even the best quality perfumes. Retail therapy is an excellent option to spend a few hours in the Newark airport while away from the layover hours.

At Newark Airport, there are several things that you can do to keep yourself entertained while you wait for your connecting flight. You can eat, drink, relax, or even purchase clothes. Otherwise, you can even book a lounge and catch up on your sleep if you have more time. The airport has all facilities suitable for travelers who have long and even for those who have short layovers.

Can you leave Newark Airport during a layover?

If you are feeling adventurous and want to maximize the time you spend waiting for your connecting flight, the next best thing you can do is book a cab and go sightseeing. However, it is essential to ensure that the layover time in the airport is at least six hours if you plan to go sightseeing. After that, you need to book a reliable car service that will take you from the airport and take you on a quick sightseeing trip. You must finish seeing the critical spots and reach the airport on time with time to spare.

When you leave the airport for local sightseeing, you must visit the New Jersey Planetarium, where you can check out the unique sculptures in the garden. You can also see Ironbound to eat at the quaint Portuguese restaurants in the region. Try visiting New York only if you have a more extended layover.

If your layover is more than ten hours, plan a visit to Manhattan, where you can enjoy some time in Central Park. You can also do a quick visit to the Museum of Modern Art and even visit the Empire State Building. When planning this short trip to New York, it is essential to have the best Newark airport car services so that you can complete the sightseeing trip and return to the airport on time.

When traveling to and from the airport, you want the trip hassle-free. You do not want to worry about booking a car on the day and loading the luggage. For that, you need to book a reliable airport car service beforehand. You can be assured of the best airport car service at American Car Service. You will get airport pick-up and drop, local sightseeing, luxury car, and limo services. You can even book online car service to Manhattan Cruise Terminal from the American Car Service website. Once you have booked a car on American Car Service, you can be assured that you will get the best and hassle-free service.

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